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Beauty Shop - Yard Sale

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 17 / 5 / 2006

Beauty Shop - Yard Sale
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Slightly pointless compilation from talented American band the Beauty Shop, which consists of songs from each of their two albums to date 'Yr Money or Yr Life' and 'Crisis Helpline'

John Hoeffleur is, I’m convinced, a truly brilliant songwriter and great front man. So that is why you should listen to his band’s music. Easy. If you want an easy reference point, think the Uncle Tupelo that made 'March 16-20, 1992' covering Nirvana songs. But that doesn’t really tell you enough. Hoeffleur’s songs are dazzling. Opening track, ‘Monster’ is upbeat, with punky drumming and a racing vocal line. But the second, ‘Death March’ is a deep throated ballad, weary and resigned, but no less effective. ‘Paper Hearts For Josie’ is even better, a lovely song, a sad and affecting melody, about another wasted night, “passed out underneath the disco ball”. The Beauty Shop’s appeal isn’t at all complicated - the songs simply hit the spot, every time. And while the all acoustic sound may not be new, it is still a thoroughly pleasant change. It breaks my heart, therefore, not to be able to give a better review to this compilation. With eleven songs, most from their 2004 release ‘Crisis Helpline’ and a smattering from its 2002 predecessor ‘Yr Money Or Yr Life’, both of which originally came out Shoeshine Records this is a reasonable reflection of the band - even if my personal favourite song isn’t included. With no material, just a brief video, that the band’s fan base won’t already own, this isn’t very good value for money. If you aren’t already enamoured of the band’s music, I predict this might be your album of the year, but (and I know there aren’t enough of us yet) one feels the fan base could be given a little more. Hopefully, this re-packaging on the bigger label of Snapper( with sleeves that don't look as if they are home made) will give the Beauty Shop the audience they more than deserve. If so, I’ll forgive them this slightly pointless release. After all, the Beauty Shop are anti-style, and absolutely full of substance. I can’t wait until we get a (real) new album.

Track Listing:-
1 Monster
2 Death March
3 I Got Issues
4 Paper Hearts For Josie
5 A Desperate Cry For Help
6 Babyshaker
7 Rumplestiltskin Lives
8 Science Lights
9 Shell Game
10 Nightcrawlers
11 The Love I Could Not Save

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