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Beauty Shop


Interview (2004)

Beauty Shop - Interview

Illinois trio the Beauty Shop play all acoustic country flavoured punk/rock and roll. Strolling around Exeter on a recent British tour, frontman and songwriter John Hoeffleur speaks to Ben Howarth about the band's new album, 'Crisis Helpline'


Yard Sale (2006)

Slightly pointless compilation from talented American band the Beauty Shop, which consists of songs from each of their two albums to date 'Yr Money or Yr Life' and 'Crisis Helpline'

Crisis Helpline (2004)

Worthy-of-attention second album from Illinois Americana trio, the Beauty Shop, which underneath the pleasant enough melodies of its surface, displays a black, noirish heart



On Learning Not to Walk Past Suffering In Dreams Begin Responsibilities - On Learning Not to Walk Past Suffering

Steve Miles talks in his 'In Dreams Begin Responsibilities' column to Illinois musician and former Beauty Shop frontman John Hoeffleur about the empathy behind the songs that he has started publishing on Bandcamp under the moniker of Green Boots.

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