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Adem - Love And Other Planets

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 16 / 4 / 2006

Adem - Love And Other Planets
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Chilled out, atmospheric folk rock and concept record about space on second album from Adem

Adem’s second album carries on from where his debut ‘Homesongs’ left off – chilled out, atmospheric folk songs. On this record, the songs all follow the theme of space, both as an abstract and literal concept. Opener ‘Warning Call’, for example, asks whether we would pay attention if we got a message from a higher being telling us that we are ruining the only planet we’ll ever have. It’s a good opener, with plucked guitars and a varying time structure, as well as Adem’s gentle, but emotion-fuelled, voice. ‘Launch Yourself’ uses a chorus of voices and hand-claps to tell the story of an intergalactic explorer being abandoned on a far away planet by his co-pilot. The sweet sound of the song contradicts the tragic nature of the tale it tells. Title track ‘Love and Other Planets’ is an organ-driven track, harking back to some of the slower-paced songs on ‘Homesongs’. The album’s pace picks up a bit on ‘You and Moon’, has an electro sound, but is in fact created with a thumb piano, a sawed double bass and hand claps. This faster pace drops on the following track, ‘Last Transmission from the Lost Mission’, which sounds exactly as you’d imagine: a barely audible message coming from far away through your speakers. This is followed by another highlight of the album, ‘These Lights are Meaningful’; which is one of the more traditionally poppy songs on the album. It’s steady rhythm makes it much more accessible than a lot of the other tracks, which may not appeal to the less patient listener. The harmonium and glockenspiel partnership that makes up the album’s final track, ‘Human Beings gather Round’, reminds me of the closing scenes of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’; the harmonium acting like a low engine hum, the glockenspiel the musical notes used to communicate with the alien craft. I can imagine that the slow pace of this album will have a lot of people losing interest at the halfway point, but if you’re looking for a record to kick back and chill out to on those fast approaching hot summer days, then 'Love and Other Planets' is the one for you.

Track Listing:-
1 Warning Call
2 Something's Going To Come
3 X Is For Kisses
4 Launch Yourself
5 Love And Other Planets
6 Crashlander
7 Sea Of Tranquility
8 You And Moon
9 Last Transmission From The Lost Mission
10 These Lights Are Meaningful
11 Spirals
12 Human Beings Gather 'Round
13 Waves

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