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Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth

  by Andrew Carver

published: 23 / 1 / 2006

Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth
Label: Sudden Death Records
Format: CD


Endearing punk pop on re-release of short-lived Vancouver punk act and Stiff label favourites the Pomited Sticks' 1980 album 'Perfect Youth'

The Pointed Sticks were supposed to be the first big stars of the fertile Vancouver punk rock scene. Formed by several scene veterans as a semi-serious group called Ernie Dick and the Pointed Sticks (in the parlance of the Vancouver scene, it was a “fuck” band), the band soon migrated away from the then-popular trend of aping British punk groups to a more hook-and-melody driven pop sound. They soon became a live favourite and turned out a trio of singles for B.C. record store turned label Quintessence. In 1980 the band caught the ear of Stiff Records and soon headed to Britain to record and tour. While Stiff did release an EP by the band, their deal with the label foundered on poor communications, a lack of cash, and a mutation into an even more pop-oriented sound. The band returned to Canada, recorded their full length for Quintessence (it was one of the earliest jobs by producer Bob Rock, who went on work with the Cult, Bon Jovi and Metallica). 'Perfect Youth' was released in 1980; the band broke up the following year. The record does sound dated at times, with goony keyboards, a brass section that doesn’t adequately explain its presence and a too polite cover of the Sonics 'The Witch' (a version recorded for Stiff that appears on the excellent 'Part of the Noise' compilation is far more forceful). But those defects are more than overwhelmed by the sharp songwriting. Drummer Ken “Dimwit” Montgomery had generated a hard-hitting style in the Skulls and the Subhumans; Nick Jones’ nasal, plaintive vocals would do Pete Shelley proud and guitarist Bill Napier-Hemy fashioned sharp, tough and catchy riffs. Anyone who bopped along to the Buzzcocks should dig the Sticks. If not quite The Great Lost Pop-Punk Album, 'Perfect Youth' does make a strong case for The Pointed Sticks as Canada’s best pop band of the 1970's and 80's.

Track Listing:-
1 Marching Song
2 Perfect Youth
3 No Use For You
4 When She's Alone
5 American Song
6 True Love
7 1-2
8 The Witch
9 Real Thing
10 Way You Do
11 Out Of Luck
12 Part Of The Noise

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