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New Order - Singles

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 19 / 10 / 2005

New Order - Singles
Label: London
Format: CD


Definitive double CD and compilation comprising together all of New Order's many singles, released to coincide with the influential Manchester band's 25th anniversary

It is not the easiest job to be reviewing a CD that is compiled of all of New Order's many singles. Telling you what they all sound like would be a bit pointless so I decided to resort to writing out the reasons for owning this compilation. Reason number 1 : You are a great New Order fan. You have bought all of their music-since they formed in 1980 after their previous band, Joy Division, disbanded when singer Ian Curtis, died. You have heard and own every single song they have ever written including their ever first single, ‘Ceremony’(1981), the cover of one of Joy Division's last songs, that opens the compilation. So if this is you, the fan with all eight of their albums and all their many singles, you can’t miss out on adding this release to your large and precious collection. The New Order all-time fans will probably enjoy the first of the two discs that comprise 'The Singles Collection' the most. It contains singles from between 1981 – 1987. ‘Sub-Culture’ (1985) is one of those tracks. I have picked up on this track because it’s one of the lesser known ones on the double album, but however, deserves equal attention. The song has a rapidly addictive tune. Singer Bernard Sumner's voice is followed by female vocals which enrich the song and build up its atmosphere. Another, perhaps lesser known, if that’s at all possible song is ‘Shellshock’. 'Shellshock' boasts lots of electronic sounds. Compared to New Order's latest music, which you can taste later on disc two, it’s perhaps not as powerful in sound but the lead and background vocals have a great strength and govern the song. Reason number 2 : You like New Order. You know all the greatest hits such as the uplifting ‘Temptation'. Its addictive rhythm and the infamous lyrics 'Up down/turn around/please don’t let me hit the ground' may have got you dancing somewhere in the past, maybe even as far back as 1982 when the original single was released. If you know ‘Temptation’ then you will definitely know the dark but striking ‘Blue Monday’ (disc 1 and its remixed version disc 2), ‘True Faith’ (disc 1) or ‘Regret’ (disc 2). Talking of ‘Regret’ here is another connection. I love this song for its free spirit. If you were like me one of the several thousand of people who came to see New Order play Finsbury Park in London amidst terrible weather conditions in 2002 this song in particular created a great atmosphere. Bernard Sumner sung: "I would like a place I could call my own Have a conversation on the telephone Wake up every day that would be a start I would not complain of my wounded heart" The crowd jumped up and down to this regardless of the muddy ground of the park and the rain. There is a certain open-minded attitude and determination to reach your dreams in the song’s lyrics and music. In fact it doesn’t matter at which gig you may have got treated to this song. It just sounds great anywhere you listen to it. Reason number 3 : If you are a football fan, ideally English, as one of their most talked about songs was written and released on occasion of the World Cup in 1990, and then released again to coincide with the Wold Cup of 2002, “Yes!” It is ‘World in Motion”. One of the great things about this song is that even if you are not English this song will still steal your heart. Although we may talk differently when the World Cup in Germany in 2006, takes place...… Reason number 4 : You don’t know that much about New Order but like the music. The ‘Singles’ compilation is the cheapest way to gather the best music that New Order has produced. This is the best place to start as the 2 CDs contain songs from all eight New Order albums. A song you may really enjoy is ‘True Faith’ (disk 1). The song was released as a single in 1987 and is one of the greatest hits. It has it all. Joy Division genes pressed in with statically sounding drums provide its rhythm, while Bernard's vocals express great willpower. Those are only 4 reasons but I believe the most common for getting this compilation. I must not forget the 7 closing tracks of the compilation. They appear chronologically and come from the last 2 New Order albums -‘Get Ready’ (2002) and ‘Waiting for the Sirens’ Call’ (2005). ’60 Miles an Hour’ has a strong rebellious posture. If you are ever involved in a personal war or battle this should be your anthem. As I read the track listing for both discs I think the titles of song might just do the best justice to seemhow good the release is so I will attach it at the end. The only problem with this compilation is , despite its two and a half hour running length, is that it’s not long enough and you will find yourself searching your collection for those tracks that, because it is limited to singles only, haven't appeared on the compilation. DISC ONE 1. Ceremony 2. Procession 3. Everything’s Gone Green 4. Temptation 5. Blue Monday 6. Confusion 7. Thieves Like Us 8. The Perfect Kiss 9. Sub-Culture 10. Shellshock 11. State of the Nation 12. Bizarre Love Triangle 13. True Faith 14. 1963 15. Touched by the Hand of Gold DISC TWO 1. Blue Monday ‘88 2. Fine Time 3. Round and Round 4. Run 2 5. World in Motion 6. Regret 7 Ruined in a Day 8. World Price of Love 9. Spooky 10. Crystal 11. 60 Miles an Hour 12. Here to Stay 13. Krafty 14. Jetstream 15. Waiting for the Sirens’ Call 16. Turn

Track Listing:-
1 Ceremony
2 Procession
3 Everything's Gone Green
4 Temptation
5 Blue Monday
6 Confusion
7 Thieves Like Us
8 The Perfect Kiss
9 Sub-Culture
10 Shellshock
11 State Of The Nation
12 Bizarre Love Triangle
13 True Faith
14 1963
15 Touched By The Hand Of God
16 Blue Monday '88
17 Fine Time
18 Round And Round
19 Run
20 World In Motion
21 Regret
22 Ruined In A Day
23 World (The Price Of Love)
24 Spooky
25 Crystal
26 60 Miles An Hour
27 Here To Stay
28 Krafty
29 Jetstream
30 Waiting For The Sirens' Call
31 Turn

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