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Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger

  by Matt Williams

published: 6 / 5 / 2005

Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger
Label: Warp Records
Format: CD


Exceptional debut album from the much hyped Maximo Park, which proves to be "possibly the most heart felt indie pop record on the left-field of Death Cab For Cutie"

Within a year, Maximo Park have risen from the cultural void of a Newcastle in the midst of urban ‘redevelopment’ (read replacing repressive concrete monoliths with repressive steel and glass monoliths) to create possibly the most heart felt indie pop record on the left-field of Death Cab For Cutie. The band's early hype dictated that they would have to make an air headed pop fluff record that, combined with front man Paul Smith’s antics, would lead them to the giddy heights of becoming the new Razorlight. Fortunately for everyone involved, the band was picked up by obscure dance specialists Warp, which enabled them to avoid the pressures of NME’s three month insta-stardom plan, hence their absence from the recent spate of on the road teen posturing we have that magazine to thank for. 'A Certain Trigger' is an exceptional debut record, named after a line from stand out track ‘Once, A Glimpse,’ a title that reflects the very nature of the album, a finite yet invariably shrouded emotional response mechanism that characterises the deceptively down beat lyrics, leading to Maximo Park’s near perfect stone faced power choruses. ‘Once, A Glimpse’ conjures up the damp and dimly lit streets where Roxy Music went looking for a fix from the vultures of romance on vice ridden street corners twenty years before. Maximo Park are clearly a band with a wide eclectic scope at their fingertips, from the electro undertones borrowed from Cabaret Voltaire in ‘I Want You To Stay,’ to the epic posturings of ‘Acrobat’ taken straight from the vaults of the Smashing Pumpkins circa 'Adore'. Maximo Park have produced a fine record that proves they are a band capable not only of rising above the rapidly decaying British Indie scene, but they are also capable of anything.

Track Listing:-
1 Signal And Sign
2 Apply Some Pressure
3 Graffiti
4 Postcard Of A Painting
5 Going Missing
6 I Want You To Stay
7 Limassol
8 The Coast Is Always Changing
9 The Night I Lost My Head
10 Once, A Glimpse
11 Now I'm All Over The Shop
12 Acrobat
13 Kiss You Better

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