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Sasquatch - Sasquatch

  by Andrew Carver

published: 28 / 8 / 2004

Sasquatch - Sasquatch
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Thundering power rock, which stands out from the rest of the pack, on impressive debut album by Sasquatch

There’s something very right about Sasquatch’s thundering debut. The power trio slathers on the low end like bass is going out of style, turn the treble on the guitar down almost to zip (then rip the knob off), boost the kick drum and bury the vocals – they end up with a cool concoction of Southern doom, half Alabama Thunderpussy, half High on Fire (oh, and a pinch of Kyuss). Stoner rock is a crowded field right now, but Sasquatch stands apart with a recognizable sonic feel (once you listened to their album a few times, you’d recognize it on the radio – a far too uncommon distinction in the field of heavy rock these days). The group isn’t just big and heavy – they’re catchy too. There’s very little flab on this fast-moving rock machine, and though it doesn’t introduce anything lyric-wise, the riffs should snag all but the most jaded heavy rock listener.

Track Listing:-
1 Chemical Lady
2 Roller
3 Dragonfly
4 Believe It
5 Cracks In The Pavement
6 Knuckle Down
7 Money Man
8 Boss Hog
9 Cyrus
10 Yetti

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