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Applecraft - Northampton, 28/2/2004

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 10 / 3 / 2004

Applecraft - Northampton, 28/2/2004


In Northampton, Olga Sladeckova watches Lupine Howl offshoot Lupine Howl work their way through a fiery, but seductive set

This article could be considered to be second part to the Applecraft interview which we are also running with this month. I’m just following Applecraft, which consists of Richard Beale and Mike Mooney as its original members, and who have also been joined tonight by Jonny Mattock, Sean Cook , Patrick Duff and Adrian Utley, on the way back from a curry house, which is near to the venue where the band are headlining tonight. Right behind Mike on a lead is his dog Fred, who has also enjoyed some of Northampton's best curry. When the band enter the venue it’s almost time already for them to go on. They quickly make their way the backstage to pick up their instruments and then head for the stage. The venue is shape of a L with a bar in one corner and seating space in the other. The stage is in the right angle of the venue. I find myself a tight spot somewhere between the stage and the bar. Only a few moments later Applecraft are treating us to their first song ‘Snake In The Grass’. The venue is so packed that you can hardly move. Richard’s strong voice stands out against the noise of the crowd as he delivers the first lines of the song. The music has a similarly powerful character. Mike is standing on Richard’s right side shifting his fingers across the strings of his guitar with a frank ardour. It doesn’t take long for the fans to give into the music. Most of them are trying to squeeze as close to the stage as is possible. ‘Asthma’, from Applecraft 's second album ‘The Happiest Man Alive’, is one of the band’s most profound songs. It has both an authoritative but a seductive spirit. Jonny starts hitting his drums, creating a storming and edgy rhythm for the music. Sean and Adrian basses then fill in with flashing sounds. I squeeze though the crowd to the other side of the stage, getting elbowed by a couple of girls who have been unable to resist the alluring melodies any longer and have started dancing. The following song ‘Always In My House’ is on the contrary very calm but no less inspiring. It relies upon gentle guitars and Richard’s voice which in this case comes across as very fragile . ‘Wigan Forever’ is one of my favourite songs. It is spicy in its sound and develops and extends with each new second. First we hear mysterious sounds drawing their way up to the surface of the song. Applecraft are celebrating success tonight. As the evening goes on fthe ans become more and more enthusiastic about the music and every song is lost in a great applause at its end. Now it’s past 11 and we are at the end of Applecraft's set. Applecraft close their set in a fiery voice with ‘Quo Country’ and then are off the stage and out of our sights. I know it’s only February and it’s been a long day but tonight’s gig will definitely remain as one of the best gigs of 2004 for me anyway. Admitingly what happens after the gig is less clear to me. I missed my last train to London, but it was certainly worth it for the gig. Applecraft will appear at the Penny Black Music Night along with Nectarine No 9, the Scoundrelles and Air Formation at the London Spitz on the 15th April. Set List: Snake In The Grass Asthma Always In My House Wigan Forever U.S. Centurion The Green Green Gown Anny Quo Country

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Applecraft - Northampton, 28/2/2004

Applecraft - Northampton, 28/2/2004

Applecraft - Northampton, 28/2/2004

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Interview (2004)
Applecraft - Interview
The project of Lupine Howl guitarist Mike Mooney and Don Mandarin singer Richard Beale, Applecraft recently released their second album, ‘The Happiest Man Alive’. Olga Sladeckova chats to them about it at a gig in Northhampton

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The Happiest Man Alive (2004)
"Unpredictable" and experimental second album from Lupine Howl offshoot project, Applecraft, which takes in elements of both punk and psychedelia

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