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Mc Mabon - Buy This Now Before Badness, Hate Greed

  by Andy Snowball

published: 3 / 9 / 2003

Mc Mabon - Buy This Now Before Badness, Hate Greed
Label: Boobytrap
Format: CD


Occasionally affecting debut solo album from Welsh hip hop star, MC Mabon, which is destroyed by student humour

Contrived wackiness on a record is always a turn-off. Novelties are rarely successful and when they are that can never be sustained. So what are you doing, man? MC Mabon – Gruff Meredith, formerly of Welsh hip hoppers Tystion – has seen fit to conceal what might have been a half-decent record under an album of half-arsed 'joke' songs parading themselves as devastatingly cutting wit. Sometimes he can be incisive. 'Fake American Accents', for one, makes a good point but not very well – it's so primitive it sounds like a nursery rhyme. But I would be a lot more forgiving if the whole rest of the album wasn't spent unsuccessfully trying to show us how out-there he is. From the pseudo-porn artwork, with surreal 'I'm mad me' messages, to –tee hee – 'Hotels and B&B's R Shit Cos Yuv Gotta Pay 4 2 Nites If U Wanna Lie In' this record is just lame gag after lame gag. Which is disappointing, because the music itself is sometimes affecting. Folk-tinged and eclectic in a sort of cobbled-together way, there are even some touches of invention. But combined with Meredith's retarded wit though, it becomes at best a frustrating listen. Maybe he should stop hiding behind student humour and dare to be serious. It could be worthwhile.

Track Listing:-
1 Wona Eat You Alive
2 I Can't Believe How Stupid
3 Braces Nation
4 Dominatrix Woman
5 Fake American Accents
6 Hotels And B+B's R Shit
7 Just Another Pathetic Little Song
8 Weithie
9 To Lose In France
10 New Rules
11 Croeso Nol
12 Cwpwl Archvarchnad
13 Byd Mawr Cas
14 Hebog Framor

Visitor Comments:-
5332 Posted By: Derrick Sharkey, Rizhao, China on 11 Nov 2023
And another thing, Andy, it's not MC Mabon's debut solo album, that would be 'Mr. Blaidd' from 2000
5331 Posted By: Derrick Sharkey, Rizhao, China on 11 Nov 2023
Hello Andy Snowball!!?? First of all, apologies for the late reply some twenty years later. At first flummoxed with your review of this brilliant album, then looking at your edited track listing, I put two and two together. The proper song title is 'I can't believe how stupid London media whores are', in other words, your review was based on spite. And it's 'Hotels and b+b's r shit cos yuv gotta pay 4 2 nites if u wanna lie in'. Let's forgive and forget shall we? MC Mabon's new album 'Freedom not Tyranny: Stop the New World Order', is a life changing album, it would be wonderful to see a review of it on your cool website. Regards, DS

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