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La Motta - La Motta

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 9 / 5 / 2002

La Motta - La Motta
Label: Boss Tuneage
Format: CD


Spirited and heated debut album from Californian punk group La Motta, which featuresone timeAsexuals star Sean Friesen on vocals and a special guest appearance from the former Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago

La Motta was formed by Sean Friesen (vocals, guitar) with his friends Alfred Mueller (vocals, bass) and Dave Conrad (drums) after the Canadian punk group the Asexuals, which Sean used to play and sing with, split up. Their debut album ‘La Motta’ appears on the British based label Boss Tuneage records, alongside the four Asexuals albums. La Motta are based in sunny Hollywood where have they worked hard to bring you the first proof of their musical inspiration, a self-titled debut album. To get the best sound they have invited another three additional musicians including Joey Santiago, the former Pixies guitarist, to their recording sessions and the results are well worth listening to The first track of any album always seems to set the direction in which a band going with its music, and the first track ‘Night Sun’ makes a convincing start. The melody on this opening number is blurred down deep underneath the rough sound of guitars but vigorously fights its way up to be heard and admired. ‘Love California’ no doubt relates to Sean’s life as he has recently moved there from Canada. “I think I love you California” he sings with a great fondness and in homage to his new home, while guitars occupy the whole space around his vocals with iheir dense and charismatic sound Throughout ‘La Motta’ the band give heated performances. The very same devotion to give their best into the music doesn’t miss a single song. ‘Spitfire’ has a joyful tune and slightly mysterious vocals. ‘Sparkle’ is the calmest song on the album , and , less heavy in sound than the other tracks on the album, has jingly guitars and restless drums. ‘La Motta’ album is an album that you are likely to fall for from the very first time you play.The unique spirit that the band shows could be compared to the one that the Jesus & Mary Chain built up for themselves. La Motta definitely has the potential to become one of the great punk bands of the near future.

Track Listing:-
1 Night Sun
2 Love California
3 Millionaire
4 Noho Outlaw
5 Harrys Plan
6 Spitfire
7 Mustang
8 Sparkle
9 Tunnel Vision
10 Black Sugar

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