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Spencer Robertshaw - Interviews

Dan Whitehouse

Dan Whitehouse - Interview

Spencer Robertshaw chats to London-based singer-songwriter Dan Whitehouse about his wide range of influences, and eclectic and much-acclaimed debut album


Miscellaneous - Interview with James Houston

Spencer Robertshaw talks to James Houston, the organiser of North Yorkshire festival Galtres, which is now in its eighth year, about his extraordinary festival and its links with charity


Selecter - Interview

Spencer Robertshaw chats to Pauline Black, the front woman with the Selecter, about her recent autobiography, 'Black By Design', and her seminal group's recent reformation

Megan Henwood

Megan Henwood - Interview

Spencer Robertshaw speaks to BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award winner Megan Henwood about her influences and 'Making Waves', her just released debut album

This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You - Interview

Winchester-based singer-songwriter Jon Allen speaks to Spencer Robertshaw before a show in Leeds about his latest solo album, 'Sweet Deceit'


Miscellaneous - Interview with Sean Birdsall

With safety an increasing issue at festivals, Spencer Robertshaw talks to Sean Birdsall, the organiser of the North Yorkshire-based the Limetree Festival, about its green and family focus

John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke - Interview

Spencer Robertshaw speaks to pioneering punk poet John Cooper Clarke at a show in Leeds about his writing and continued enthusiasm for performing poetry

Lost Boy AKA

Lost Boy AKA - Interview

Front man with Simple Minds, Jim Kerr, talks to Spencer Robertshaw about his new solo project Lostboy AKA! and its eponymous debut album, which is a return to his early musical roots and beginnings

Martin Newell

Martin Newell - Interview

Poet, journalist, writer and singer-songwriter Martin Newell has released music with both the bands Cleaners from Venus and the Stray Trolleys and also as a solo artist. He speaks to Spencer Robertshaw about his career and why he prefers to remain just under the radar of commercial fame

Hugh Cornwell

Hugh Cornwell - Interview

Former Stranglers front man Hugh Cornwell talks to Spencer Robertshaw about his recent solo album, 'Hooverdam' and his forthcoming tour in which he will be playing both songs from it and the Stranglers' 1977 debut album, 'Rattus Norvegicus'

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