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Broadcast, Glasgow

Chameleons Vox - (2014)

Tony Gaughan watches Chameleons Vox, which features original Chameleons bassist Mark Burgess, in an excellent show play all of Burgess' former band's 1982 classic debut album, 'Script of the Bridge' at Broadcast in Glasgow

Micah P Hinson - (2014)
Micah P Hinson  - Broadcast, Glasgow, 27/4/2014

Tony Gaughan watches Texan-based singer-songwriter Micah P Hinson play his new album 'Micah P Hinson and the Nothing' in its entirety in a stunning show at Broadcast in Glasgow

Peggy Sue - (2014)
Peggy Sue - Photoscapes

Bill Gray takes photographs of Brighton-based indie/folk pop band Peggy Sue at Broadcast in Glasgow

Warlocks - (2014)
Warlocks - Warlocks

Bill Gray takes photographs of Los Angeles-based psychedelic rockers the Warlocks at Broadcast in Glasgow

Kelley Stoltz - (2014)
Kelley Stoltz - Kelley Stoltz

Bill Gray at Broadcast in Glasgow takes photographs of San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz

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