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Chameleons Vox - Broadcast, Glasgow, 27/5/2014

  by Tony Gaughan

published: 6 / 6 / 2014

Chameleons Vox - Broadcast, Glasgow, 27/5/2014


Tony Gaughan watches Chameleons Vox, which features original Chameleons bassist Mark Burgess, in an excellent show play all of Burgess' former band's 1982 classic debut album, 'Script of the Bridge' at Broadcast in Glasgow

The Chameleons have influenced many indie/punk acts since their 1981 conception in Manchester. They were an essential part of the scene with their dark and brooding post punk, particularly on their 1982 classic debut 'Script of the Bridge', which is being performed in its brilliant entirety tonight in this packed and sweaty tiny venue, the audience for which had been waiitng patiently as a local support DJ set the tone. 'Don't Fall' opens proceedings with sole remaining member Mark Burgess taking up bass duties again along with of course 'vox'. The crowd respond immediately on what is already promising to be a special night. With 'Here Today' coming next, it is looking like the album will be delivered in running order, which is bad thing for this reviewer (It makes for an easy night!) who has played the record to death for the last thirty plus years, wearing oout both vinyl and cassette copies out along the way. Front man Burgess clearly wants this dark masterpiece to be delivered exactly as the record, and he does so backed by guitarists Chris Oliver and Neil Dwerryhouse and Yves Atlanta on skins and samples. It is as close to an aural facsimile as it can be, and they then deliver 'Monkeyland' 'Second Skin' and the astounding 'Up The Down Escalator' with Burgess informing the audience after 'Less Than Human' that "this was the end of side 1 and we are now flipping to side 2". Hearing 'Script of the Bridge' delivered in this way certainly makes the crowd appreciate the running on this timeless classic, as 'Pleasure and Pain' then continues the evening. It is clear that they are digging this, singing along to every track especially with 'As High As You Can Go. 'The band end predictably with 'View from a Hill'. They do, however, deliver no fewer than five encores including 'In Shreds' and - from the follow-up album 'What Does Anything Mean? Basically' - the classic 'Singing Rule Britannia ('While the Walls Close In'), complete with its references to the Clash's 'White Riot' and Joy Division's 'Transmission'. They conclude with the stunning 'Perfumed Garden', making this night unmissable.

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