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Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Turin Brakes - (2016)
Turin Brakes - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 10/3/2016

Mary O’Meara watches Turin Brakes light up and lift off as they touch down at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester on their 'Lost Property' tour

Ex Hex - (2015)
Ex Hex - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 8/11/2015

Writer James Lowther and photographer Melanie Smith catch rising all-female punk rock outfit Ex Hex at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester as they storm through their fantastic debut album ‘Rips'

Brothers and Bones - (2015)
Brothers and Bones - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 13/9/2015

Mary O’Meara gets washed to shore by the musical tidal wave that is Brother and Bones as they stop off in Manchester to promote new album 'Omaho'

Gabby Young and Other Animals - (2015)
Gabby Young and Other Animals - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 10/5/2015

Mary O'Meara lightens up after a full colour spectrum performance by Gabby Young to counteract the post-election blues in Manchester's Ruby Lounge

Girl Friend - (2015)
Girl Friend - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 11/4/2015

Dixie Ernill catches new Manchester electro-pop band, Girl Friend, kicking off their current tour with a hometown show at the Ruby Lounge

James Atkin - (2015)
James Atkin - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 20/3/2015

Billy Goodwin watches James Atkin, the former front man with EMF, play an exuberant comeback gig to promote his new solo album, A Country Mile’

Claudia Brucken - (2015)
Claudia Brucken - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 11/3/2015

Billy Seagrave at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester watches former Propaganda singer Claudia Brucken play an emotive set to promote her third solo album, 'Where Else'

Man Without Country - (2015)
Man Without Country - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 19/5/2015

At the Ruby Lounge in Manchester, Billy Seagrave is impressed by a dark and anthemic set from Man Without Country on the first date of their current tour to showcase their third album,'Maximum Entropy'

Miscellaneous - (2015)
Miscellaneous - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 7/3/2015

Billy Seagrave attends his first night of Burlesque at a sold-out Ruby Lounge in Manchester

Courtesans - (2014)
Courtesans - Photoscapes

Melanie Smith photographs controversial all girl pop/rock band the Courtesans at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester

Miscellaneous - (2014)

Dixie Ernill looks back on our recent Pennyblackmusic Bands Night in Manchester, which saw sets from the reformed Brilliant Corners, the Haywains and Horsebeach

EMA - (2014)
EMA - Photoscapes

Melanie Smith photographs American industrial-folk singer EMA at a show at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester

Shonen Knife - (2014)
Shonen Knife - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 30/4/2014

Nicky Crewe misses most of Shonen Knife's gig at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester due to their late stage arrival, but feels that it was better to have seen some of the Tokyo all girl punk trio's set rather than nothing at all

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