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The Musician, Leicester

Pere Ubu - (2014)
Pere Ubu - Musician, Leicester, 12/11/2014

Dave Goodwin at the Musician in Leicester watches Peru Ubu play a confrontational yet brilliant double set of experimental rock

Christian Bland - (2014)
Christian Bland - (and the Revelators) Musician, Leicester, 24/9/2014

Anthony Strutt finds compelling Black Angels guitarist Christian Bland's side project the Revelators' brand of psychedelia at a gig at the Musician in Leiester on their first UK tour

Pulled Apart by Horses - (2014)
Pulled Apart by Horses - The Musician, Leicester, 28/4/2014

Anthony Strutt finds band-of-the-moment Pulled Apart by Horses predictable and clichéd at a show at The Musician in Leicester

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