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Greystones, Sheffield

Rhiannon Scutt - (2022)
Rhiannon Scutt - (With El Heneghan and Lovell). Greystones, Sheffield, 22/4/2022

Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Rhiannon Scutt has simultaneously released three new EPs entitled ‘'Facets'. At a launch gig at Greystones in Sheffield, Nicky Crewe finds that they show just how much she is capable of as songwriter and a performer. They are a fantastic introduction to her work and a celebration of her style.

Patrick Duff - (2019)
Patrick Duff - Greystones, Sheffield, 24/3/2019

Denzil Watson witnesses a raw and intimate Sheffield gig by former Strangelove frontman Patrick Duff.

Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls - (2017)
Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls - Greystones, Sheffield, 21/9/2017

Nicky Crewe watches Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls play a humorous and acoustic set of Wonder Stuff classics and songs from their new CD, 'We Came Here to Work'.

Kirk Brandon - (2017)
Kirk Brandon - Greystones, Sheffield, 23/8/2017

Denzil Watson catches the opening night of Kirk Brandon taking his extensive back-catalogue of songs with Spear of Destiny and Theatre of Hate on the road in stripped-down form with vocals, guitar and cello from Sam Sansbury.

Rab Noakes - (2017)
Rab Noakes - Greystones, Sheffield, 15/3/2017

Nicky Crewe at the Greystones in Sheffield watches folk legend Rab Noakes play an intimate and distinctive set on what he has named his 70/50 tour, which celebrates him both turning seventy in May and also that it will be fifty years since his first paid gig

Grahams - (2017)
Grahams - Greystones, Sheffield, 22/2/2017

Nicky Crewe is excited by the Grahams' first date of their UK tour. From New York via Nashville, Route 66, American railroads and the Mississippi River, their music makes connections wherever they play

Robyn Hitchcock - (2016)
Robyn Hitchcock - Greystones, Sheffield, 30/10/2016

Nicky Crewe enjoys a fascinating evening with former Soft Boys frontman Robyn Hitchcock at a TalkingGigs show at the Greystones in Sheffield which combined conversation and performance

Wild Ponies - (2016)
Wild Ponies - Greystones, Sheffield, 29/6/2016

Nicky Crewe enjoys an intimate set from Nashville-based husband-and-wife Americana duo Wild Ponies at the Greystones in Sheffield

Richmond Fontaine - (2016)
Richmond Fontaine - Greystones, Sheffield, 25/4/2016

Keith How enjoys Richmond Fontaine's literary Americana at a gig in Sheffield on their farewell tour

Spear Of Destiny - (2014)
Spear Of Destiny - Greystones, Sheffield, 14/10/2014

Denzil Watson watches 80's cult band Spear of Destiny play an explosive set at the Greystones in Sheffield to promote their latest album, '31'

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