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Hot Water Music


Interview with Chuck Ragan (2003)

Hot Water Music - Interview with Chuck Ragan

Passionately independent. Hot Water Music have the reputation of being America's hardest working band. With their profile increased since they signed to Epitaph, Ben Howarth talks to guitarist Chuck Ragan about the group's new album, 'Caution'


Garage, London, 11/2/2005

Hot Water Music - Garage, London, 11/2/2005

After a week solid of watching new bands all over London, a burnt out and hungover Jonjo McNeill still manages to leave the London Garage after seeing Hot Water Music "with the buzz that only comes with an outstanding gig"


The New What Next (2004)

Stunning new album from much acclaimed hardcore/emo revolutionaries, Hot Water Music, bound to enthrall indie and alternative rock fans the world over

Caution (2002)

"Incredible" second album on the Epitaph label from the much admired hardcore group, Hot Water Music

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