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Horrors - Horrors

Darren Aston photographs controversial alternative act the Horrors at a gig which ended in violence at the Kazimier in Liverpool


Whole New Way (2009)

Latest vinyl only single from Southend garage rockers the Horrors, which combines a post-punk and pop sound

Shadazz (2008)

Fine cover of the classic Suicide song by the Horrors, one in a series of limited 10 inches released to coincide with Suicide vocalist Alan Vega's 70th birthday

Strange House (2007)

Stunning garage/punk rock with attitude on debut album from young Southend-based group, the Horrors

Gloves (2007)

60's influenced and totally inspiring fourth single from much hyped Southend garage rockers, the Horrors



Circus of Horrors
Interview with Dr Haze Moriarty - Interview with Dr Haze

The Circus of Horrors is a horror-themed rock-and-roll circus freak show. Peter Allison speaks to its founder and creator Dr Haze about the philosophy behind it and its latest 'Day of the Dead' tour


Dot to Dot Festival
Manchester, 25th...27th May Dot to Dot Festival - Manchester, 25th...27th May

At the Manchester leg of Dot to Dot Festival Gillian Fish watches some new bands before an impressive headline set from the Horrors.

Circus of Horrors
Parr Hall, Warrington, 8/2/2014 Circus of Horrors - Parr Hall, Warrington, 8/2/2014

Melanie Smith enjoys rock and roll-themed Circus of Horrors' terrifying but spectacular latest stage show at Parr Hall in Warrington

Circus of Horrors
City Hall, Sheffield, 24/1/2010

Peter Allison enjoys a night of music and tongue-in-cheek-theatricals with Rock and Roll circus freak-show, the Circus of Horrors, at the City Hall in Sheffield

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