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Interview (2013)

Heist - Interview

Heist singer Mike Targett speaks to John Clarkson about his first release in eight years, which a five-song tribute EP to bawdy 60's/early 1970's singer-songwriter, Jake Thackray

Interview (2004)

Heist - Interview

Genre-defying London-based act Heist are back after three years away with a second album, 'A Shopkeeper will Not Appear'. Frontman Mike Targett talks to John Clarkson about its difficult recording

Interview (2002)

Heist - Interview

Innovative, and both genre-defying and strikingly original, Heist are a unique force in British indie pop. The group, a four piece from London, first formed in 1997 and have spent the last three years



Penny Black Music Night
Spitz, London, 22/1/2004 Miscellaneous - Spitz, London, 22/1/2004

Our latest Pennyblackmusic Bands Night on the 22nd January featured strong sets from Bikini Atoll, Heist, the Repomen, Lewd and Moly. Olga Sladeckova writes about what was an excellent night of music

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