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Between The Senses (2002)

"Lovely" Johnny Marr produced first album from Cornish group who" pen tunes that have mass appeal and are refreshingly free of cliché."



Interview Diecast - Interview

Japanese hardcore outfit Envy released their latest album 'Insomniac Doze' on Mogwai's Rock Action label. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa talks to Andy Vincent about his group's longevity and why, after nearly 15 years together, their priorities haven't changed

Good Riddance
Interview Good Riddance - Interview

Good Riddance were one of the big names on the punk circuit a few years ago, but have more recently a far adopted lower profile. Ana Grabov, talking to lead singer Russ Rankin , finds that they haven't broken up. Only their circumstances have changed


Mary O'Meara
Interview Mary O'Meara - Interview

Pennyblackmusic writer Mary O'Meara, who has previously published ‘Between the Lines: A History of Haven’, a 2012 music biography and personal memoir about 90s indie/alternative band Haven, speaks to John Clarkson about her debut novel, 'A Certain Kind Of Light'.

Mary O'Meara
Interview Mary O'Meara - Interview

John Clarkson talks to Pennyblackmusic writer and author Mary O'Meara about her biography on 90's indie/alternative rock band, Haven

Safety Meeting Records Miscellaneous - Safety Meeting Records

Anthony Strutt profiles New Haven, Connecticut-based label Safety Meeting Records and three of its latest releases by Crooked Hook, Quiet Life and the Mountain Movers

The Moon My Saddle Chamberlain - The Moon My Saddle

I haven’t been listening to Chamberlain all that long to be honest, so perhaps this choice will prove flawed in years to come. But right now it is my favourite album. There are other contenders but I won’t list them because that might just make the final

Jeff Buckley
Grace Jeff Buckley - Grace

I haven't really had this album for very long, just a couple of months, but it's still up there with my all time favourite albums. It's really hard for me to find one album that I can consider the best in my CD collection, so I'm not going to call this my


Jens Lekman and Christian Kjellvander
Swedish Singer-Songwriters Retrospective Miscellaneous - Swedish Singer-Songwriters Retrospective

Sweden is a haven to an increasing number of excellent, but underrated singer-songwriters. Malcolm Carter profiles and writes about the latest releases of two of them, Jens Lekman and Christian Kjellvander

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