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Interview (2003)

Girlinky - Interview

London based indie pop group Girlinky have just released their debut album 'I Want the Tsunami'. Members Scott, Rob and Chris talk about the band's first three years, and their unusual way of playing gigs with the extended absence of other member, Sarah


London Verge, 17/1/2003

Girlinky - London Verge, 17/1/2003

Energetic and vigorous, Girlinky are one of the rising indiepop bands on the current London indepedent scene. With vocalist and keyboardist Sarah away in New Zealand, Olga Sladeckova finds them finding a unique way of dealing with the problem...


I Want The Tsunami! (2003)

Spectacularly energetic and creative indiepop from London based 4 piece Girlinky on their debut album, 'I Want the Tsunami'

Hai Wakarimashita (2002)

Not totally serious second single from London four piece, which combines "together the melodiousness of the Go Betweens with the ramshackle slacker pop of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr"

My Huge Head (2001)

Girlinky are a New Zealand rock trio, who have recently relocated to London. While the group have been together for eight years and have put out various records and videos back home, 'My Huge Head', w

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