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Galaxie 500


Galaxie 500 (2010)

Galaxie 500 - Galaxie 500

Jon Rogers examines the short, but influential career of late 80's/early 90's American indie rock trio Galaxie 500, whose three albums have just been reissued


Peel Sessions (2006)

Long overdue, but excellent release of many years-disbanded indie rockers and slowcore pioneers Galaxie 500's late 80's two John Peel sessions



Dean Wareham
Interview Dean and Britta - Interview

Anthony Strutt speaks to Dean Wareham, the former front man with Galaxie 500 and Luna, about both his previous bands, and also ’13 Most Beautiful…’, his current project with his wife Britta Phillips, for which they have written a live soundtrack to accompany several rarely seen Andy Warhol films

Damon and Naomi
Interview Damon And Naomi - Interview

Dominic Simpson speaks to husband-and-wife team and art rock duo Damon and Naomi before a show at the Luminaire in London about their time with lo-fi psychedelic rockers Galaxie 500 and their own subsequent hightly acclaimed career since then


Dean Wareham
Islington Assembly Hall, London, 23/5/2014 Aristullus - Islington Assembly Hall, London, 23/5/2014

Chris O'Toole watches foemer Galaxie 500 and Luna front man Dean Wareham play a surprisingly increasingly upbeat set at the Islington Assembly Hall in London

University of London Union, London, 17/1/2005 Luna - University of London Union,   London, 17/1/2005

On their farewell tour and at their final ever London date, Dominic Simpson watches seminal indie rockers Luna play a thrilling set of new and old classics at the University of London Union


Damon and Naomi
More Sad Hits Damon And Naomi - More Sad Hits

In our 'Re : View' section, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Jon Rogers writes about former Galaxie 500 members Damon and Naomi's melancholic debut album, 'More Sad Hits', which has recently been reissued

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