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Frames (2010)

Frames - Frames

Ben Howarth examines the early history of Irish rock band the Frames, who have just had their first three albums, 'Another Love Song', 'Fitzcarraldo', and 'Dance the Devil', reissued on CD in expanded editions


Scala, London, 20/2/2007

Frames - Scala, London, 20/2/2007

Little known outside their native Ireland where they are enormous, Ben Howarth watches the Frames play an anthemic and emotional set at the Scala in London


The Cost (2007)

Stunning folk rock with lush strings, big choruses and Joshua Tree style crescendos attached on latest album from durable and under-rated Irish group the Frames



Lilly Hiatt
Interview Lilly Hiatt - Interview

Lily Hiatt's third album has won praise for its country-rock blend. Cila Warncke gets to know her through the medium of her favourite listening for different frames of mind.

Robert Chaney
Interview Robert Chaney - Interview

Florida born but now London based singer-songwriter Robert Chaney talks to Owen Peters about the inspirations for his debut album ‘Cracked Picture Frames’ which tells of hit and run accidents, insanity and domestic violence

Interview Oceansize - Interview

At a show in Manchester, Aaron Brown speaks to guitarist Geezer from indie guitar group Oceansize about his band's just released third album, 'Frames'


Dour Festival
Dour, Belgium, 12/7/2007-15/72007 Miscellaneous - Dour, Belgium, 12/7/2007-15/72007

Based near the small Belgian town of Dour, the Dour festival is an annual four day festival. Ben Howarth sees performances from the likes of Sean Lennon, Bright Eyes, the Frames, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Wilco


Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
March 2008 Miscellaneous - March 2008

In ther latest in his 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column, Ben Howarth looks at the career of Frames' frontman Glen Hansard, who, as well as acting in the film 'Once', also has just the Oscar for it for Best Original Song with 'Falling Slowly'

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