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Dream Syndicate


Interview (2017)

Dream Syndicate - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to vocalist and guitarist Steve Wynn about his decision to reform his seminal 80's alternative rock act the Dream Syndicate and 'How Did I Find Myself Here?', their first album in nearly thirty years which will come out in September


Photoscapes 2 (2018)

Dream Syndicate - Photoscapes 2

Photoscapes 1 (2018)

Dream Syndicate - Photoscapes 1

In a two part Photoscapes Philamonjaro photographs the reformed Dream Syndicate at the Thalia Hall in Chicago on the 4th December.


How Did I Find Myself Here? (2017)

Extraordinary first album in 29 years from seminal Los Angeles alternative rock act the Dream Syndicate



Steve Wynn
Interview Steve Wynn - Interview

Solo artist and ex-frontman with the Dream Syndicate, Steve Wynn recently toured Europe with his side project Danny and Dusty, which also features Green on Red frontman Dan Stuart. After speaking to Stuart, Anthony Strutt now speaks to Steve Wynn about Danny and Dusty's new album, 'Cast Iron Soul'

Steve Wynn
Interview Steve Wynn - Interview

Steve Wynn was the frontman with the abrasive and influential dream syndicate, but has also had a long and eclectic solo career since that band's break-up in 1989. Hhe speaks to Anthony Strutt about his two decades in the music business

Steve Wynn
Interview Steve Wynn - Interview

Steve Wynn fronted the Dream Syndicate, one of the most controversial groups of the 80's, and since then has gone on to an eclectic solo career in which he has flitted through a variety of genres. He talks to John Clarkson about his long musical career

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