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Doug Hoekstra


Interview (2021)

Doug Hoekstra - Interview

Nashville-based writer and musician Doug Hoekstra talks to John Clarkson about 'The Day Deserved', his first album in over a decade, and his return to music.

Interview (2003)

Doug Hoekstra - Interview

Nashville musician Doug Hoekstra's new album 'Waiting' represents a change of direction, being recorded almost entirely at home while he awaited the birth of his first child. He chats to John Clarkson about its recording

Interview (2002)

Doug Hoekstra - Interview

Doug Hoekstra is one of the up-and-coming and rising stars of the American alternative music scene. Native born, but of Lithunian and Dutch ancestry, Hoekstra was brought up in Illinois, but now live


Ten Seconds In Between (2021)

Doug Hoekstra - Ten Seconds In Between

John Clarkson examines Nashville-based singer-songwriter and author Doug Hoekstra's haunting new collection of short stories.

'Wintertime' Video Premiere (2021)

Doug Hoekstra - 'Wintertime' Video Premiere

Pennyblackmusic is proud to premiere the video for 'Wintertime', the third single single from Nashville-based singer-songwriter and writer Doug Hoekstra's forthcoming first album in ten years, 'The Day Deserved'.

Unopened (2019)

Doug Hoekstra - Unopened

John Clarkson reflectson 'Unopened'. the debut poetry collection of Nashville-based singer-songwriter Doug Hoekstra.


The Image That Made Me Weep (2020)

Doug Hoekstra - The Image That Made Me Weep

Nashville-based musician and writer Doug Hoekstra in 'The Image That Made Me Weep' writes of the redisoovery of a reel to reel tape recorder on which he made much of his early music in his late father's house

Six Songs/Su Casa, Mi Casa : the Official Live Boo (2005)

Doug Hoekstra - Six Songs/Su Casa, Mi Casa : the Official Live Boo

Chicago-born, but Nashville-based musician Doug Hoekstra has been away for a while, but is now back with both a new studio EP, 'Six Songs', and a live album, 'Su Casa, Mi Casa.' John Clarkson profiles both CDs


Blooming Roses (2008)

Superb and ultimately hopeful eighth album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Doug Hoekstra

Waiting (2004)

Delicate sixth album from the Nashville-based musician Doug Hoekstra, which finds him shifting away from the string and horn sections of the past, and experimenting with a new more basic sound

The Past is Never Past (2001)

It has only been a few months since Doug Hoekstra launched his breakthrough fourth album 'Around the Margins', but now, even with appreciative reviews for it still coming in, the tireless Nashville ba

Around The Margins (2001)

'Around the Margins' is the fourth solo album of the increasingly acclaimed Nashville-based musician and songwriter, Doug Hoekstra. Not perhaps surprisingly for a singer-songwriter hailing from the Te



Kat Parsons
Interview Kat Parsons - Interview

On a recent British tour with Doug Hoekstra, the dynamic Kat Parsons proved to be a sensation. In an interview with John Clarkson, she talks about her debut album "Framing Caroline' and her recent decision to move to L.A.


Musician Authors Profile
Doug Hoekstra and Willy Vlautin Miscellaneous - Doug Hoekstra and Willy Vlautin

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Doug Hoekstra and Willy Vlautin, the front man with Portland, Oregon-based alt. country band Richmond Fonatine have both just released their fictional debuts. John Clarkson profiles them both

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