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Dot Allison


Interview (2021)

Dot Allison - Interview

Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter and musician Dot Allison talks to John Clarkson about ‘Heart-Shaped Scars’, her first new album in twelve years.

Interview (2009)

Dot Allison - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Scottish-born songwriter Dot Allison about her recently released fourth solo album, 'Room 7½', which features appearances from both Paul Weller and Peter Doherty


Room 7½ (2009)

Emotive and ambitious, if somewhat over melancholic latest solo album from Scottish singer-songwriter Dot Allison, which includes duets with Peter Doherty and Paul Weller

Strung Out (2002)

Strong new single from the consistently under-rated Dot Allison, which bridges the gap between ambience and rock



Drifting and Tilting - The Songs of Scott Walker
Barbican, London, 15/11/2008 Scott Walker - Barbican, London, 15/11/2008

While he did not appear, 60's legend Scott Walker produced 'Drifting and Tilting', which included performances of his songs from among others Damon Albarn, Gavin Friday and Dot Allison. At its third and final night at the London Barbican Anthony Strutt watches one of the year's stand out events

And Nico...
Social, London, 1/4/2005 Butterflies Of Love - Social, London, 1/4/2005

In a tribute night to praise the work of Nico at the Social in London, Anthony Strutt enjoys sets from American indie poppers the Butterflies of Love, experimentalists Le Volume Courbe, ex-One Dove singer Dot Allison and folk act the Left Outsides

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