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Interview (2003)

Dirtbombs - Interview

The Dirtbombs have recorded more records and played more shows than any of versatile Detroit guitarist Mick Collins’ many other groups. Drummer Ben Blackwell chats about their twin bass, twin drum line-up and new album "Dangerous Magical Noise'


Babylon, Ottawa,15/4/2008

Dirtbombs - Babylon, Ottawa,15/4/2008

Andrew Carver is impressed by both godfathers of Detroit garage rock, the Dirtbombs, and also support act Kelley Stoltz, at a show at the Babylon in Ottawa

93 Feet East, London, 20/6/2005

Dirtbombs - 93 Feet East, London, 20/6/2005

The Dirtbombs recently played 93 Feet East as the London date on a world tour. With two bassists and two drummers, Dominic Simpson enjoys some over-the-top rock 'n' roll

Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 13/11/2003

Dirtbombs - Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 13/11/2003

Up against the elements, and both terrible weather and technical problems, the Dirtbombs prove to a sell-out crowd that they can rock with the best of them in an "awesome" set at Ottawa's Dominion Tavern


Party Store (2011)

Fabulous covers album from acclaimed Detroit garage rockers, the Dirtbombs, who have taken 80's and 90's techno classics from their home city and reinjected them with a new lease of life

We Have You Surrounded (2008)

Likeable fifth and latest album from Detroit-based garage rockers, the Dirtbombs

Dangerous Magical Noise (2003)

Third album from Detroit's the Dirtbombs that "keeps up the rockin’ energy" of their two previous albums, but which pushes "the band’s sound, songwriting and musicianship to even greater heights"



Ottawa Bluesfest
Ottawa, 11/7/2011...17/7/2011 Miscellaneous - Ottawa, 11/7/2011...17/7/2011

...wgile in the second week, which ended on a note of turbulence with the collapse of the stage during a thunderstorm, he takes in performances from among others Dana Fuchs, the Dirtbombs, My Morning Jacket, Alyssa Reid, Mother Mother and Jane's Addiction

Kelley Stoltz
ULU, London, 5/6/2008 Kelley Stoltz - ULU, London, 5/6/2008

Kelley Stoltz recently support in both America and Britian to gutsy garage rockers the Dirtbombs. At a gig at the ULU in London, Anthony Strutt is impressed by both his quirky tunes and his true sense of musical craftmanship

Ottawa Bluesfest
Ottawa, 14/7/2004...18/7/2004 Miscellaneous - Ottawa, 14/7/2004...18/7/2004

....while during the festivals' last week he witnesses sets by the Cool Jerks, the Deadly Snakes, Xavier Rudd, Five Horse Johnson, Dave Alvin, the Greenhornes and the Dirtbombs

Ottawa Bluesfest
Ottawa, 7/7/2003-13/7/2003 Miscellaneous - Ottawa,  7/7/2003-13/7/2003

...while on the remaining 7 he takes in such other delights as Nina Nastasia, the Shanks and the Sights and watches the festival brought to a gritty close by the Dirtbombs

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