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Interview (2002)

D4 - Interview

New Zealand group D4 have been meeting with much acclaim recently with their blend of Heartbreakers and Stooges inspired breakneck punk. Vocalists Dion and Jimmy talk to Mark Rowland backstage at a recent London gig about their debut album '6twenty'


Brighton Centre Point, 10/7/2002

D4 - Brighton Centre Point, 10/7/2002

Garage punks D4 recently concluded a two week British tour. In the first of two reviews of the tour, Julia Willis finds energy infectiously "high", but originality "low" at a Brighton show

London Garage, 12/7/2002

D4 - London Garage, 12/7/2002

In the second of our D4 live reviews of this month, Mark Rowland at a show in London finds the New Zealand punks to be the ultimate live experience


Party (2002)

"Fun' second single from New Zealand garage rockers, the D4

6twenty (2002)

'Rip-roaring, exciting rock 'n' roll' from Johnny Thunders influenced New Zealand four piece, D4.

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