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Radiophonic Workshop


Science Museum, London, 26/6/2017

Radiophonic Workshop - Science Museum, London, 26/6/2017

Chris O'Toole at the Science Museum in London enjoys a night of archival sound effects and TV programme soundtracks from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop



BBC Radiophonic Workshop Miscellaneous - BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Jamie Rowland reflects, with albums of its music ‘BBC Radiophonic Music’ and ‘The Radiophonic Workshop’ just having been reissued, upon the history of the BBC's remarkable Radiophonic Workshop studios

John Baker
Profile John Baker - Profile

Malcom Carter profiles the career of BBC Radiophonic Workshop and soundtrack composer John Baker, who has just had two retropsective compilations released on Trunk Records


Blue Dot Festival
Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, 21/7/2018...22/7/2018 Bluedot Festival - Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, 21/7/2018...22/7/2018

Shirley Procter at the third day of the Blue Dot Festival watches performances by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Gary Numan, while on its fourth and final day she participates in some of its many science-based presentations and other activities.

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