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Deerstock Festival


Newton, Nottinghamshire

Deerstock Festival - Newton, Nottinghamshire

Returning for the first time since 2019, Dave Goodwin reports from family festival Deerstock.

Newton, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2019...27/7/2018

Deerstock Festival - Newton, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2019...27/7/2018

After attending the three day 2019 Deerstock extravaganza in the Nottinghamshire countryside, Dave Goodwin says that it has become the best festival that he has ever been to.

Newton, Nottinghamshire, 20/7/2018...22/7/2018

Deerstock Festival - Newton, Nottinghamshire, 20/7/2018...22/7/2018

Dave Goodwin reviews Nottinghamshire-based fundraising festival Deerstock which returned across three days in July.

Newton, Nottinghamshire, 21/7/2017...23/7/2017

Deerstock Festival - Newton, Nottinghamshire, 21/7/2017...23/7/2017

Dave Goodwin takes us on a whirlwind tour of Nottinghamshire's small but perfectly formed Deerstock Festival

Newton, Nottinghamshire, 22/7/2016...24/7/2016

Deerstock Festival - Newton, Nottinghamshire,  22/7/2016...24/7/2016

Dave Goodwin spends three days out in the Nottinghamshire countryside with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Funke and the two tone baby and Doggen at this years boutique festival Deerstock

Newton Cross Country Course, Newton, Nottinghamshire, 24/7/2015...26/7/2015

Deerstock Festival - Newton Cross Country Course, Newton, Nottinghamshire, 24/7/2015...26/7/2015

Dave Goodwin attends Nottinghamshire's growing boutique festival Deerstock Festival which, now in its fourth year and full of both local and international acts, despite heavy rain, shines once again



Hardback Fiction

Dave Goodwin chats to rising Nottingham-based band Hardback Fiction at the Deerstock Festival about how a change in their line-up has changed their sound and given them a new sense of direction

Amber Herd

At the Deerstock Festival Dave Goodwin chats to much acclaimed Nottingham-based post punk/alt.rock band the Amber Herd about their forthcoming debut album

Def Digby
Interview Lucy Ward - Interview

Dave Goodwin at the Deerstock Festival speaks to Watford-based guitarist Jacob West about his new band Def Digby, which combines together dub, reggae and psychedelic influences, and their new eight-song mini-album

Interview Leetabix - Interview

At the Deerstock Festival Dave Goodwin speaks to Nottingham musician and singer-songwriter Leetabix, who combines singing and beatboxing together


Deerstock Festival
Newton, Nottinghamshire, 25/7/2014...27/7/2014 Miscellaneous - Newton, Nottinghamshire, 25/7/2014...27/7/2014

Dave Goodwin is enthralled by the three-day Deerstock Festival in Nottinghamshire, which saw appearances from a wide range of indie acts

Deerstock Festival
East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013 Miscellaneous - East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013

Dave Goodwin finds incredible Nottinghamshire's Deerstock Festival, which saw appearances from over thirty indie acts including Def Digby, the Gorgeous Chans, Leetabix and the Doggen Star Band, which led by Spiritualized's Tony Foster, also includes members of Selecter and the Fratellis


Jed Southgate
Vinyl Stories Jed Southgate - Vinyl Stories

In Vinyl Stories Dave Goodwin speaks to Deerstock Festival organiser and serial vinyl collector Jed Southgate about some of his favourite albums in his collection

Deerstock Festival Miscellaneous - Deerstock Festival

In our competition we have two family tickets to give away for this year's Deerstock Festival

Vinyl Stories
Jed Southgate Jed Southgate - Jed Southgate

Dave Goodwin in his new 'Vinyl Stories' column speaks to Deerstock Festival organiser and promoter Jed Southgate about some of his favourite vinyl EPs and singles

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