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Pete Fij and Terry Bickers


Firebug, Leicester, 6/11/2014

Pete Fij and Terry Bickers - Firebug, Leicester, 6/11/2014

Anthony Strutt watches ex-Adorable front man Peter Fij and House of Love guitarist Terry Bickers play an intimate show to promote their debut album, 'Broken Heart Surgery', at the Firebug in Leicester


Broken Hearted Surgery (2014)

Gripping but melancholic joint album from former Creation label musicians, ex-Adorable front-man Pete Fij and House of Love guitarist Terry Bickers, which reflects on romantic break-ups and the bitter end of relationships



Pennyblackmusic Bands Night
Half Moon, London, 24/3/2011 Miscellaneous - Half Moon, London, 24/3/2011

Jamie Rowland reflects on our Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night on March 24th at the Half Moon in South London with Pete Fij and Terry Bickers, Last Harbour, the Owl Service and Roshi ft. Pars Radio

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