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Pete Fij and Terry Bickers - Broken Hearted Surgery

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 29 / 7 / 2014

Pete Fij and Terry Bickers - Broken Hearted Surgery
Label: Broadcast
Format: CD


Gripping but melancholic joint album from former Creation label musicians, ex-Adorable front-man Pete Fij and House of Love guitarist Terry Bickers, which reflects on romantic break-ups and the bitter end of relationships

Starting off and finishing with the sound of the typewriter in action, ex-Adorable and Polak front-man Pete Fij and House of Love guitarist Terry Bickers return to deliver an album of sad-hearted broken tales and of the bitter end of relationships. Pete Fij has a great vocal talent, which recalls in its cheeriness Damon Albarn of Blur, while Terry Bickers' guitar is hauntingly reminiscent of Lou Reed's style of playing. Over the course of ten songs, we are told through other people's eyes of the joy of love, but mostly about its death and the reality of going forward. 'Downsizing' is told from the perspective of a girl who has had enough, and so out goes her bloke. 'Out of Time' is about exactly that - the end of the good times and enough being enough. 'Parallel Girl' echoes shades of Blondie's 'Atomic', but also has an element of a 60's spy film soundtrack. On 'Gravity', a sing-a-long number, the guy is still hanging on in the hope that things will get better, but the final number, 'I Don't Give a Shit About You', again says it all in its title, and even the guy has at last moved on. It is a pretty slowly delivered album, well played, by two of the Creation label's past attractions. Pete's vocal is the opposite side of Adorable, while Bicker's guitar work shines like rough diamonds in the Brighton sunshine.

Track Listing:-
1 Out of Time
2 Downsizing
3 Betty Ford
4 Sound of Love
5 Breaking Up
6 Loved & Lost
7 Parallel
8 Queen of Stuff
9 Gravity
10 I Don't Give a Sh*T Abo
11 So Hot
12 Lost Property Office

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