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Zaphod Beeblebox, Ottawa, 29/11/2012

Blood - Zaphod Beeblebox, Ottawa, 29/11/2012

Andrew Carver watches 80’s punk The Blood play a storming set at sandwich shop-turned venue Pressed at their first ever gig in Ottawa



Interview Real Tuesday Weld - Interview

Stephen Coates, the London-based songwriter and composer with The Real Tuesday Weld, speaks to John Clarkson about 'Blood', the first of three farewell albums for the group to be released over the next year, and why he has decided to finish with the band now.

Allison Moorer
Interview Allison Moorer - Interview

Singer-songwriter, Alabama-born Allison Moorer talks to Lisa Torem about her new album ‘Blood’ and her memoir of the same title.

Interview Posies - Interview

The Posies have recently returned with their first album in four years, the sour-sweet ‘Blood/Candy’. Singer and guitarist Jon Auer talks to John Clarkson about it and his and his band mate and co-songwriter Ken Stringfellow’s successful long musical partnership of over twenty years

Interview Yeasayer - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks to Ira Wolf Tuton, the bassist with New York-based art rock band Yeasayer, about his band's acclaimed second album 'Odd Blood' and how it has both translated and also developed on stage

Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts
Interview Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts - Interview

Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts have produced one of the finest debut albums of the year with the punky Folk Country 'Blue Bird's Blood'. Neil Palmer chats to Sawyer, who is both a working artist and the former drummer with the Television Personalities, about his music and his art

Blood Red Shoes
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Formed out of the ashes of Cat on Form and Lady Muck, drums and guitar art duo rockers Blood Red Shoes have just released their debut EP. Members Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter chat to Mark Rowland

Monkey Power Trio
Interview Monkey Power Trio - Interview

The Monkey Power Trio only play together for one afternoon a year, but have released an EP a year since 1995. Mark Rowland speaks to them about their latest EP 'Spiders in the Blood Supply' which has been released on their own Monkey Power Trio label


Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014 Turbowolf - Ritz, Manchester, 2/11/2014

Billy Seagrave watches rising Bristol-based band Turbowolf play a raucous set in support of Royal Blood at the Ritz in Manchester

All That is Heavy II
Mavericks, Ottawa, 12/5/2012 Iron Man - Mavericks, Ottawa, 12/5/2012

Andrew Carver attends one-night-only metal-metal festival All That is Heavy II, which includes sets from the popular Blood Ceremony and Baltimore-based band Iron Man

Blood Ceremony
Rainbow, Ottawa, 16/10/2010 Blood Ceremony - Rainbow, Ottawa, 16/10/2010

At an evening to celebrate the 35th birthday of a local radio station at the Rainbow in Ottawa, Andrew Carver enjoys a night of alternative rock, headlined by hard rock act, Blood of Command

All Tomorrow's Parties
Minehead, Somerset, 14/5/2010 Miscellaneous - Minehead, Somerset, 14/5/2010

On the first day of a Pavement-curated All Tomorrow's Parties, Mark and Jamie Rowland, Ben Howarth and Sarah Johnson discuss sets from bands such as Surfer Blood, Calexico and Broken Social Scene...

Mathew Sawyer
Legal Tender, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, 6/1/2007 Mathew Sawyer and the Ghosts - Legal Tender, Bethnal Green Working Men's Club,  London, 6/1/2007

In the woefully inappropriate surroundings of the Legal Tender night at the the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, Neil Palmer watches former Television Personalities' drummer Mathew Sawyer play a vulnerable, but emotive solo set to promote his and his band the Ghosts new album 'Blue Birds Blood'

Wayne Hussey
West End Centre, Aldershot, 28/5/2003 Mission - West End Centre, Aldershot, 28/5/2003

Julia Willis has been a fan of both Wayne Hussey and the Mission for years, but at the West End Centre in Aldershot she is forced to reflect on how some things aren't meant to last...

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