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Martin Rossiter


Interview (2012)

Martin Rossiter - Interview

Anthony Strutt talks to Martin Rossiter, the former front man with Gene, about his PledgeMusic-funded debut solo album, ‘The Defenestration of St. Martin’


The Defenestration of St Martin (2013)

Excellent piano and voice based debut solo album from former Gene front man, Martin Rossiter



Interview Gene - Interview

Anthony Strutt chats to former Gene drummer Matt James about the 90's alternative rock band, who have just all of their albums reissued on double CDs

Interview with Martin Rossiter Cole Marquis - Interview with Martin Rossiter

Gene have had many up and downs since they first formed in 1992. Frontman Martin Rossiter talks to Anthony Strutt about the much acclaimed group's albums, and their long career


Islington Academy, London, 31/1/2004 Gene - Islington Academy, London, 31/1/2004

At his fourth Gene gig in a week, Anthony Strutt finds that the band, now in their tenth year, still have a lot of offer as they deliver "number after number of classy English tales to a loving crowd"

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