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Arrows of Love


Interview (2012)

Arrows of Love - Interview

Former front man with London-based alt-folk band, Hush the Many (Heed the Few) Nima Teranchi speaks about his abrasive current band the Arrows of Love and their new single 'Honey'


Islington Academy, London, 28/3/2012

Arrows of Love - Islington Academy, London, 28/3/2012

Jamie Rowland is entranced by former Hush the Many guitarist/vocalist Nima Ternachi's current band Arrows of Love in an energetic and intimidating set at the Islington Academy in London


The Knife (2013)

Abrasive and confrontational vinyl-only third single from London-based grunge act, the Arrows of Love

Honey (2012)

Stunning name-your-price download and cassette only single from discordant London-based outfit, the Arrows of Love

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