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Amor de Dias


Streets of the Love of Days (2011)

Perfectly understated gentle chamber pop on debut album from Amor de Dias, the new band of Alasdair MacLean of the Clientele and Pipas' Lupe Nunez-Fernandez



Interview Clientele - Interview

Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Alasdair MacLean, the front man with cult indie pop band the Clientele, about their new compilation,out a compilation called 'Alone and Unreal: The Best of the Clientele', and their past, present and future

Interview Clientele - Interview

Dominic Simpson speaks to the critically acclaimed and autumnal-toned the Clientele about their five albums, various EPs and the impact that their native London has had on their work.

Interview Relict - Interview

The project of former Clientele member Innes Phillips, the Relict released their long-awaited debut album, 'Tomorrow is Again' at the end of last year. Tommy Gunnarsson chats to him about his band's first few years

Interview Clientele -  Interview

In a previous issue of the Pennyblackmusic Magazine, I reviewed The Clientele's album 'Suburban Lights.' If you remember that, you may also remember that I was quite positive about it. Great. We at t


Uffe's Kallare, Växjö, Sweden, 16/10/2002 Clientele - Uffe's Kallare, Växjö, Sweden, 16/10/2002

The Clientele recently played a four date tour of Sweden. Tommy Gunnarsson catches them on fine form and at their intimate best in a tiny basement club

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