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Black Angels


Forum, London, 22/9/2017

Black Angels - Forum, London, 22/9/2017

Chris O'Toole finds much-acclaimed psychedelic rockers the Black Angels unconvincing at a gig at the Forum in London.

Heaven, London, 27/2/2011

Black Angels - Heaven, London, 27/2/2011

Anthony Strutt at Heaven in London watches San Francisco group the Black Angels play an enthralling set of psychedelia and 60's-influenced garage rock at a show in London


Death Song (2017)

First album in four years from Texan psychedelians the Black Angels rages superbly against the dying of the light

Clear Lake Forest (2014)

Adventurous new EP from much acclaimed psychedelic Texan band, the Black Angels

Indigo Meadow (2013)

Unsettling and abrasive, but riveting psychedelic rock on fourth album from Austin, Texas-based group, the Black Angels



Christian Bland
(and the Revelators) Musician, Leicester, 24/9/2014 Christian Bland - (and the Revelators) Musician, Leicester, 24/9/2014

Anthony Strutt finds compelling Black Angels guitarist Christian Bland's side project the Revelators' brand of psychedelia at a gig at the Musician in Leiester on their first UK tour

Night Beats
Scala, London, 19/9/2011 Night Beats - Scala, London, 19/9/2011

Anthony Strutt enjoys a fantastic set of traditional psychedelic garage rock from Austin, Texas-based group Night Beats in support of the Black Angels at the Scala in London

Pink Mountaintops, Black Angels and Camp
Barrymore's, Ottawa, 19/6/2006 Pink Mountaintops - Barrymore's, Ottawa, 19/6/2006

Stephen McBean has expanded his band Pink Mountaintops from himself and a drum machine into a six piece psychedelia outfit. Andrew Carver watches him and Texas drone specialists Black Angels play strong sets at a show at Barrymore's in Ottawa

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