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True Bypass


Toby (2012)

Fragile, but charming folk on second release from True Bypass, the project of Sleepingdog's Chantal Acda and dEUS's Craig Ward

True Bypass (2010)

Promising folk-pop on gorgeous-sounding debut album from True Bypass, the new project of Belgium musician and Sleepingdog front woman Chantal Acada and Scottish guitarist Craig Ward



Chantal Acda
Interview Chantal Acda - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to former Sleepingdog front woman and Dutch-born singer-songwriter Chantal Acda about her second solo album 'The Sparkle in Our Flaws', which is her first release on Glitterhouse Records

Interview Sleepingdog - Interview

Sleepingdog is the ambient project of Dutch-born musician Chantal Acda. She talks to John Clarkson about Sleepingdog's recently released second solo album, 'Polar Life', and her self-imposed need for solitude and isolation

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