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Astrid Williamson


Interview (2009)

Astrid Williamson - Interview

In our second interview with her, Shetlands-born singer-songwriter and former Goya Dress frontwoman Astrid Williamson talks to Lisa Torem about her risk-taking forthcoming fourth solo album, 'Here Come the Vikings' which incorporates together elements of electronica, folk and punk


Pulse (2011)

Offbeat yet ultimately deeply moving fifth album from Scottish singer-songwriter and pianist Astrid Williamson, which finds her collaborating with ambient guitarist Leo Abrahams

Here Come the Vikings (2009)

Eclectic fourth solo album from Shetland Isles-born and now Brighton-based singer-songwriter Astrid Williamson, which while remaining true to her folk roots, also finds her venturing inton the environs of torch song, soul and pop-rock.



Astrid Williamson
Interview Boyfriends - Interview

Astrid Williamson has recently returned with her fourth album 'Day of the Lone Wolf'. John Clarkson speaks to her backstage in Glasgow on the first date of her largest tour since the 90's supporting Darren Hayes about her decade long musical career

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