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Matt Bartram


The Dreaming Invisble (2012)

Excellent combination of ambience, shoegaze and post rock on latest album from former Air Formation singer and guitarist Matt Bartram

Left to Memory (2009)

Fantastic second solo album from Brighton-based post rock act Air Formation's front man, Matt Bartram

Arundel (2008)

Excellent debut solo album from Matt Bartram, the front man with Brighton-based post rock group Air Formation



Matt Bartram
Interview I Like Trains - Interview

Matt Bartram, the former singer/guitarist with Air Formation, discusses with Anthony Strutt his new band You Walk Through Walls and their upcoming EP 'Destroyed Places'

Air Formation
Interview Air Formation - Interview

Brighton space rock band Air Formation have recently released their stunning full-length debut album, "Ends in Light'. Olga Sladeckova speaks to frontman Matt Bartram about it, and the group's plans for the future

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