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Wild Beasts


Smother (2011)

Ezquisite-sounding, yet imperfect third album from the Mercury Prize-nominated Wild Beasts

Two Dancers (2009)

Inventive-sounding pop on quicly released second album from Cumbria-formed indie guitar group, Wild Beasts

Limbo, Panto (2008)

Operatic and often carefreeingly daft, but enjoyable debut album from new indie outfit, the Wild Beasts



Wild Beasts
Bodoga, Nottingham, 2/10//2009 Howe Gelb - Bodoga, Nottingham, 2/10//2009

Despite being confined by the small stage of the Nottingham Bodega, Sarah Mwangi sees upbeat Cumbria-based indie rock outfit Wild Beasts play an exuberant and forceful set

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