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Wednesday 13


Interview (2015)

Wednesday 13 - Interview

Nigel Carr chats to horror/punk Wednesday 13 at a show in Manchester about his new concept album ‘Monsters of the Universe: Come Out And Plague', his influences and horror films

Interview (2009)

At a show in Nottingham, glam rock punk star Wednesday 13 speaks to Peter Allison about his surprisingly downbeat new album 'Skeletons', horror films and hats


Club Academy, Manchester, 11/3/2015

Wednesday 13 - Club Academy, Manchester, 11/3/2015

Nigel Carr enjoys a night of outstanding showmanship from American horror punk act Wednesday 13 at the Club Academy in Manchester

Rock City, Nottingham, 21/3/2009

At Nottingham Rock City, Peter Allison watches former Murder Dolls frontman and glam/punk star Wednesday 13 play a fantastic and energetic set


Calling All Corpses (2011)

Unashamed party punk on latest album from former Murderdolls front man Wednesday 13 which finds him returning to his roots with immense style and humour

Bloodwork (2009)

Great collection of acoustic versions,re-recordings and covers on, despite several album releases, first ever EP from glam/punk star Wednesday 13

F**k It We'll Do It Live (2008)

Authentic-sounding glam punk on thoroughly enjoyable live album from former Murder Dolls' frontman, Wednesday 13

Skeletons (2008)

Melancholic and heavy-sounding third album from former Murderdolls frontman, Wednesday 13, which lacks the catchiness of its predecessors



Gunfire 76
Interview Gunfire '76 - Interview

Gunfire 76 is the new group of glam/punk star and former Murder Dolls front man, Wednesday 13. In what is his second interview with him, he speaks to Peter Allison about his ongoing battle with depression and classic rock and roll sound of his latest band


Gunfire 76
Rock City, Nottingham, 5/12/2009 Gunfire '76 - Rock City, Nottingham, 5/12/2009

Gunfire 76 is the new rock and roll band of glam rock/punk Wednesday 13. Peter Allison at Nottingham Rock City sees them play an incredible performance which far exceeds the excpetations set down by their somewhat disappoiinting debut album

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