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Laki Mera


Interview (2008)

Laki Mera - Interview

In December of last year, Glasgow-based ambient/electronica act Laki Mera released their debut album as a pay-if-you-want digital download. With a CD version now also out, John Clarkson speaks to singer Laura Donnelly about why they did this, the group's sound and their plans for the future


Barfly, London, 7/9/2011

Laki Mera - Barfly, London, 7/9/2011

Despite Glaswegian electronic quartet's Laki Mera's military efficiency and mechanical production, Sarah Mwangi finds much that is achingly human in their music at a show at the Barfly in London


Fool Remixes (2011)

Enjoyable and inventive remixes on new EP from Glasgow-based electronic rock act, Laki Mera

The Proximity Effect (2011)

Challenging, but enthralling second album from unique-sounding Glasgow-based band Laki Mera, whose music merges together folk and electronica

Clutter EP (2010)

Esoteric and dreamy, but ultimately unremarkable five song EP from Glaswegian electronic act Laki Mera, released to coincide with the re-release of their 2008 debut album of the same name

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