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Bush Hall, London, 23/11/2007

Efterklang - Bush Hall, London, 23/11/2007

Anthony Dhanendran finds Norwegian group Efterklang's strange combination of grandeur and intimacy a compelling experience at the Bush Hall in London


Raincoats (2010)

Gentle but compelling indie pop on third single from their third album for Danish band, Efterklang

Magic Chairs (2010)

Beautifully crafted and compelling third album from Danish indie pop rock outfit, Efterklang

Caravan (2008)

Latest single from much acclaimed post rock Danish group Efterklang's 'Parades' album, which appears on vinyl with an exclusive new track and on downlaod with two only in-part successful remixes

Under Giant Trees (2007)

Strikingly beautiful limited edition mini-album from Copenhagen band Efterklang, which appeal to fans of music with an epic sound

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