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Interview (2013)

Deltasound - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Jonjo McNeill and Adrian Huggins from Newcastle-based trio Deltasound, whose debut album ‘When the Attack Warnings Sound’, which reflects ominously on nuclear disaster, they have just released as a pay-as-you-want release


Enemy/Our Machines (2012)

Ethereal, but unsettling latest single from Newcastle-based indie rock group, Deltasound

Dust Can Explode (2009)

Ambitious third single from inventive Newcastle dance rock act, Deltasound

Deltasound (2007)

Distinctive sounding indie guitar dance rock on debut single from Newcastle-upon-Tyne based group, Deltasound



Interview Jaime Delgado Aparicio - Interview

Newcastle-based dance/rock outfit Deltasound have been together for just over a year. Vocalist/guitarist Jonjo McNeill and bassist Adrian Huggins chat to John Clarkson about their first two EPs, and what gave Jonjo having given up making music the inspiration to start up again

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