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Deltasound - Deltasound

  by John Clarkson

published: 24 / 3 / 2007

Deltasound - Deltasound
Label: Deltasound
Format: CDS


Distinctive sounding indie guitar dance rock on debut single from Newcastle-upon-Tyne based group, Deltasound

Deltasound are a new band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which consists of Pennyblackmusic writers Jonjo McNeill (vocals, guitars) and Adrian Huggins (bass), and also Andrew Ridley (guitars) and Craig Hutchinson (drums). Only McNeill has had any prior experience of being in a group. He was the front man with a Sheffield and then London-based group called the Lazarus Effect for nearly six years, and released with them and under that band's previous moniker Lynam a steady drip of low key singles and EPs. Although three members of the group had never been inside a recording studio before, and despite the fact that they have been together just a few months and in fact only played their first gig in February, Deltasound's five song debut EP nevertheless comes across as remarkably self-assured. The Lazarus Effect had a raw, earthy sound which recalled folk-rock outfits such as the Levellers and the New Model Army. Deltasound are similarly anthemic, yet in Adrian and Craig's pounding rhythms they also fuse this with infectious dance beats. The opening song, the seven minute 'Angel from Heaven', is especially impressive, a glorious merging of surging stop-start guitars, crisp funk beats and bubbling studio effects, in and out of which a vocal from Jonjo about a woman who turns out not to be all she seems soars. Also worth noting are, however, 'Bittersweet', a klaxoning Oasis-style rocker about a relationship suddenly, darkly spiralling downwards, and the fire-and-brimstone feedback-driven thunder of the final track 'Clouds of Colombia' which looks at the agonies of being enthralled to any kind of addiction. A strong debut from an exciting new act with an already distinct sound of their own. Free copies of the Deltasound EP can be obtained at www.delta-sound.co.uk

Track Listing:-
1 Angel From Heaven
2 Bittersweet
3 Only You Can Feel It
4 Sky Clipper
5 Clouds Of Colombia

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