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Hold Steady


Interview (2007)

Hold Steady - Interview

Literary American garage rockers the Hold Steady have met with massive acclaim for their third album, 'Boys and Girls in America'. Chris O' Toole speaks to guitarist Tad Kubler about the band's increasing popularity and the inspiration for their work


Hold Steady / So So Glos - Garage, Glasgow, 15/10/2014

Hold Steady - Hold Steady / So So Glos - Garage, Glasgow, 15/10/2014

Tony Gaughan enjoys powerful sets from the much acclaimed Hold Steady and their tour mates, Brooklyn power punk outfit the So So Glos, at the ABC in Glasgow

Rock City, Nottingham, 9/12/2008

Hold Steady - Rock City, Nottingham, 9/12/2008

Sarah Mwangi is impressed by Springsteen-esque Hold Steady's energy and passion at rescheduled show at the Rock City in Nottingham

Dublin Castle, London, 18/1/2008

Hold Steady - Dublin Castle, London, 18/1/2008

On a Friday have been garnering a reputation over the last few months for their strong stage presence and for having the same original name as Radiohead. Sarah Maybank watches them play an inflammatory set at the Dublin Castle in London

Borderline, London, 17//2/2007

Hold Steady - Borderline, London, 17//2/2007

Despite the massive publicity surrounding garage rock outfit and lyrical American rockers the Hold Steady, Chris O' Toole is uninspired by their performance at a gig at the London Borderline on their first British tour


Chips Ahoy (2007)

Catchy vinyl only latest single from the much acclaimed Hold Steady

Boys and Girls in America (2007)

Sleazy, evocative tales of sex, drugs, booze and rock and roll on third album from much hyped Minneapolis-band the Hold Steady, which will appeal to fans of early Springsteen, Thin Lizzy and the Replacements

Chips Ahoy ! (2006)

Instantly classic debut UK single from the Minneapolis-formed, now Brooklyn-based Hold Steady, which proves to be a rambunctious hybrid of early Springsteen, the Replacements and Rocket From The Crypt



Craig Finn
Interview Craig Finn - Interview

Craig Finn, the front man with the much acclaimed the Hold Steady, speaks to Benjamin Howarth about his third solo album, ‘We All Want the Same Things’

Craig Finn
Interview Craig Finn - Interview

Andy Cassidy chats to Craig Finn from critically acclaimed New York-based garage rockers the Hold Steady about his just released first solo album, 'Clear Heart Full Eyes'


Craig Finn
Slaughtered Lamb, London, 15/9/2015 Craig Finn - Slaughtered Lamb, London, 15/9/2015

Ben Howarth watches Craig Finn, more used to playing with a booming rock band behind him, perform an intimate solo set in front of an enthralled crowd in the basement room of London’s Slaughtered Lamb pub

Ottawa RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest
Ottawa, 9/7/2012...15/7/2012 Miscellaneous - Ottawa, 9/7/2012...15/7/2012

...and in the second week performances from Lauryn Hill, Pack AD, the Cowboy Junkies, the Hold Steady, Bettye Layette and Balconies

Hold Steady and Sean Na-Na
Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, 29/10/2006 Hold Steadys - Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa, 29/10/2006

Riding a wave of critical acclaim to the top of the indie rock heap, Andrew Carver watches literature-inspired rock n'rollers the Hold Steady play an exuberant set at the Zaphod Beeblbrox

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