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Howling Bells


Academy 2, Manchester, 15/3/2009

Howling Bells - Academy 2, Manchester, 15/3/2009

Helen Tipping finds Australian indie rockers Howling Bells, in Manchester as part of a British tour to promote their second album 'Radio Wars', lacking the edginess of their past

Club Academy, Manchester, 21/10/2006

Howling Bells - Club Academy, Manchester, 21/10/2006

Back to see Australian indie rockers Howling Bells for the second time in a space of months, Helen Tipping finds their sound more professional, but wasted on a noisy and unresponsive Saturday night crowd at the Manchester Club Academy


Into the Sky (2011)

Increasingly impressive first single from their forthcoming third album from country infuscd Australian neo-goths, Howling Bells.

Radio Wars (2009)

Mainstream. long overdue second album from Australian band Howling Bells, which moves away from the some of the darkness that msde them so original and compelling

Wishing Stone (2006)

Powerful new single from Australian band Howling Bells, making their debut UK release



Howling Bells
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Widely acclaimed, Australian group Howling Bells have just released their debut album on Bella Union Records. Anthony Strutt talks to lead singer Juanita Stein about their decision to move to Britain and her band's cinematic brand of rock


Howling Bells and RSNY
Night and Day, Manchester, 14/8/2006 Miscellaneous - Night and Day, Manchester, 14/8/2006

Australian band Howling Bells describe themselves as indie,but have links also to the darker side of alt.country. Helen Tipping sees them play a powerful and diverse set at Manchester's Night and Day in one of the best gigs of the year


Juanita Stein
Photoscapes Miscellaneous - Photoscapes

Darren Aston photographs Howling Bells front woman Juanita Stein at a solo gig in Liverpool.

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