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Family Tree Box Set (2003)

Bjork - Family Tree Box Set

One of the world's finest artistes, Bjork has never been anything if not unpredictable. Long term fan Anthony Strutt finds her once again pushing back boundaries with her new box set, 'Family Tree'


Bastards (2013)

Fabulously inventive and intensely moving collection of remixes of tracks from Bjork's album, 'Biophilia'

Wanderlust (2008)

Powerful latest single from Bjork which comes in five mixes

Innocence (2007)

Enjoyably offbeat download only new single with four different remixes from Bjork

Volta (2007)

Cinematic-sounding sixth official studio album from Bjork, which finds her as always pushing against convention

Earth Intruders (2007)

Powerful download only first single from her new album,'Volta', for the eccentric, but loveable Bjork

Triumphs Of A Heart (2005)

Second single from Bjork's controversial new album 'Medulla', which finds her , like most of the other tracks on that album, abandoning all instruments

Who Is It ? (2004)

Wacky new single from the ever eccentric Bjork, one of the few tracks on her new album to feature traditional instruments

Medulla (2004)

Difficult, but rewarding new album from Bjork, which finds her abandoning all instrumentation except for some programming, and is entirely vocally led



Brant Bjork and the Bros
Babylon, Ottawa, 30/5/2005 Brant Bjork - Babylon, Ottawa, 30/5/2005

70's influenced stoner rocker Brant Bjork is perhaps best known for his work with Nebula. Andrew Carver wtaches him with his new band the Bros play a low-key, but extensive set at the Ottawa Babylon

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