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Tuesday Weld


I Love The Rain (2001)

Although moving in a similar shiny throw away pop orbit as Beck or the Pizzicato 5, there's something slightly more sinister to the sampledelia found on this new Real Tuesday Weld EP. 'I Love the Rain

When Cupid Meets Psyche (2001)

A big soppy cuddle of a record. A big kissy hug with sloppy tongues and rubbing noses and eskimo kisses of a record. Tuesday Weld is a particularly randy mare on the Dreamy records stud farm. 'When



Interview Real Tuesday Weld - Interview

Stephen Coates, the London-based songwriter and composer with The Real Tuesday Weld, speaks to John Clarkson about 'Blood', the first of three farewell albums for the group to be released over the next year, and why he has decided to finish with the band now.

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